Welcome to 1101 Swim

- Private Residential Swim Lessons for one or two students at a time

- 30 or 60 minute lessons

- Begin lessons at any time

Online scheduling

- Introductory lesson rate for your first class

- Individual lessons, packages, or automatic billing to fit your needs

- Choose between recurring weekly lesson time(s) or scheduling lessons at your convenience

- Make-up lessons for cancellations with adequate notice (24-hours minimum)

- Password protected galleries for each student's swim pictures and videos

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About 1101 Swim and Lindsay Richardson

I have been teaching private swim lessons for over a decade, and in a private residential setting for the last seven years. I grew up swimming, then swam in high school and college. I still compete with Masters Swimming and participate in triathlons. I love my job, and this is my full time chosen career. The business name comes from my house number, where I can offer my students a relaxing aquatic experience in which to learn. During the summer I also give lessons at my parents' outdoor pool. I am very thankful to all my students over the years who have made my business a reality and have recommended my lessons to their friends and neighbors.

The lessons: All lessons are one-on-one, or two students at a time (as arranged by the student). I teach swimmers of all ages and abilities, including adults, toddlers, special needs students, and the water shy. You can take one lesson, a series, or arrange weekly scheduled lesson times. I teach my lessons from the pool, where I can give the lesson my full attention, provide an example of proper stroke technique, and help guide arms/legs into the proper positions if necessary. I also teach all of my own lessons. My goal is for my students to learn about water safety, enjoy swimming, develop excellent technique, and leave each class with increased confidence.

Why Choose 1101 Swim? Learning to swim is an invaluable life skill, whether a swimmer chooses private or group lessons, or a combination. Here's why swimmers and parents tell me they choose lessons with 1101 Swim: Individualized instruction means more opportunity for achievement. My students don't waste lesson time waiting on the wall. Any one swimmer may race through one skill, and find another challenging. My students don't need to feel stuck or frustrated, because I have developed methods for presenting skills in multiple ways, including breaking skills down into smaller parts. While a rigid succession of skills helps a program with inexperienced instructors, it isn't the most effective way to help swim students progress rapidly. Personal relationships with an emphasis on trust and consistency are central to the success of my students.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or go ahead and schedule a lesson to see if 1101 Swim is a good fit for you!


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